Re: WTAN 1340 on KLRG 880 ?

ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

IMHO the calls for the // 1340 should not be allowed to be broadcast unless the 880 callsign is also broadcast in conjunction.

Paul S. in CT

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Heard a station coming in pretty strong broadcasting in Spanish on 880 from 2015-2045 tonight. But they ID'ed as 1340 from Clearwater, FL! From the direction, nearly due E-W of Memphis by the loop, it didn't seem that it could be FL. I verified that the audio was WTAN 1340 in Clearwater by listening to the same BC on the 'net, streaming live. Searching the 'net it turns out that now KLRG 880 in Sheridan, AR has programming from WTAN 1340 as well as from at least one other station, at different times. Confusing!

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