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I wonder if salt water helps FM signals travel farther, as well, like it does for AM. I happen to live behind a hill, but if I at least go on the roof of my house, or go to the top of the hill, I can regularly hear KDB 93.7 and KVYB 103.3 from Santa Barbara, even though I'm 211.7 miles away from KVYB and 196.3 miles from KDB. In fact, quite often when conditions are right, KVYB is strong enough to trip the stereo decoder. (The path to both stations is mostly over salt water due to the curve of the southern California coastline.)

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Oh, yeah. Any time I get good tropo conditions I switch over to FM. One
night, I got some excellent catches barefoot on my G8! Farthest away I
believe was KSNY at 101.5 FM in Snyder, TX (approximately 130 miles),
playing country music. Not in-and-out either, but steady, sub-local signal
strength sustained throughout the night. Then, gone by morning. I just love
VHF DX because it's so much harder to catch anything. Sometime, I'll get my
FM DX log (along with my AM log) on here.

Hobbs, NM (and Midland, TX)

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Hi John,

Thanks for your detailed work in performing this FM-DX Radio Rodeo. Having
conducted a few Shootouts, I know how much time and effort is required for
accurate results.

During the brief FM testing in the PL-310 and PL-380 AM-oriented reviews,
there really wasn't enough time to fully investigate the individual
differences between the D96L, PL-310 and PL-380 models. Your testing
certainly went much further than mine, and your results should be considered
authoritative for the large community of FM-DXers in our Ultralightdx group.
Your timing is also excellent, as many of us switch over to the FM band to
chase DX :-)

73, Gary

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