SRF-59 Notes and DX

starship20012001 <norbert_1226@...>

The new koss earbuds worked out great on the little silver bullet (AKA
SRF-59). the cord lenght of about 4 feet is enough for FM DX without
overloading the front end. Heard 102.3 the wolf out of CT (relog)
earier this AM. The armband case also worked out perfect. I pulled the
belt clip off the SRF 59 now it fits perfectly in the case with its
ear buds. the importance of this is it is now a portable complete
travel DX kit and can be pulled out anytime anywhere.
budget spent on srf-59:

SRF-59 unit : $25
Koss earbuds: $25
rechargable batteries (4): $10
armband case : $10
grand total $75 including sales tax
twilight zone DX out of this silver bullet : priceless

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