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> I have been working with just the 2 foot air core loop antenna and Gary's 7.5 inch ferrite rod.

> Here are the new numbers for midday reception on the PL-360-
> FR AM 1590=24-06
> AC AM 1590=48-09
> FR AM 560=47-25
> AC AM 560=67-25

Of course we can't know what's causing the noise, but the SN for the air-core loop is higher on both frequencies, not to mention the huge increase in SSI. A 20-24 dB increase is much higher than I would have expected. The 360 clearly likes your air-core loop, and it's worth trying to sort out the noise issue.

I'd like construction details on that air-core loop. Any chance you can post a photo? Thanks.

Jim, KR1S 

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