PL-360 antenna tests, the saga continues-FARMERIK


I have been working with just the 2 foot air core loop antenna and Gary's 7.5 inch ferrite rod.

I think I have the oddity of pointing the antennas in somewhat different directions figured out [partly]. Across the band, the Air Core [AC] loop gets tons of white noise when pointing E/W. I don't have any idea what causes that, and I leave my TERK pointed the same way on my Bogen R 660, since most all stations I listen to are to my west. The TERK has a cap, but I often don't peak it, because the reciever is so sensitive, there is no need. No white noise on the TERK aiming the same way. Gary's Ferrite Rod antenna does not hear this white noise at all, so it sounds best when aimed at the radio station. When the weather clears, I'll try using the AC loop outside. I did try shorter and long wires between the radio and the AC loop.

[I tried less than one foot and about 3 feet].

It didn't make much difference. If I put the radio inside the AC loop, or right against the windings, I did get a slight increase in noise. I have no idea what causes the noise, but I guess it is local.

Here are the new numbers for midday reception on the PL-360-

FR AM 1590=24-06
AC AM 1590=48-09

FR AM 560=47-25
AC AM 560=67-25


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