Re: Poor quality SRF59s - can they be aligned ?


Hi Dave, good day.

I also bought a SRF-59 (from a chinese seller) at eBay with a few problems.

The AM receiver had poor selectivity and images/mirroring about 100khz apart
from strong stations. The FM receiver started at 81MHz (I can hear the audio
from TV channel 5).

In my case, alignment by ear of the AM sector made the receiver work nice

The service and alignment manual for SRF-PSY03 (it's identical to SRF-59)
was made available by our ULR fans at, under menu Ultra-light
file area.

For alignment procedure, you will have to move coil L5 over the ferrite rod.
As it has a kind of glue/wax, I am not sure what is the best way to remove
it. John Bryant (at the list-next-door UltraLightHotRodding) used a hair

Good luck!


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I've got two SRF59s but both are defective. One has a dial that only
tunes up to about 1550 kHz on MW and to about 107 MHz on FM.

The other is completely deaf and even reception of local AM stations
is poor and noisy.

It seems that quality control on these radios is not good.
Unfortunately I bought them via eBay so can't return them.

Does anyone know if these radios can be aligned to improve
performance? Any details would be welcome.

73s Dave Kenny


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