new SRF-59

Carl DeWhitt

On Sept.19, i purchased a new Sony SRF-59 from a K-Mart in Sand
Springs,Ok while i was on my way from Oklahoma to Tennessee.From what
little i have been able to use it,i am impressed with the sound from
such a small radio.It also seems to have good nullability.I will have
more time to seriously dx once we get settled in to our new home here
in Tennessee.The process of moving from one state to another has surely
taken up a lot of my time.I will also have to get used to a new dx
enviroment here with a lot of new stations.I am currently in
Maryville,Tn about a 30 minute road trip from Knoxville.I will post
what i hear from the local and semi-regular am stations.
Carl DeWhitt
Sonys SRF-59,M37V,M37W and Eton E-100

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