Re: Sony SRF T615 vs. Sangean DT-400W Performance

Tom Welch

Thank you Gary for your input.  I do follow DXer on a daily basis,
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Hi Tom,
     Thanks for your question about the performance of the Sony SRF-T615, relative to the DT-400W and DT-200VX radios.  I assume you have already read the Summertime Shootout posted on, in which all these models are competitively graded.
     Typically, the DT-400W will exceed the SRF-T615 in high-band sensitivity, although not by a great level.  There have been individual differences reported by enthusiasts in DT-400W sensitivity, so some variation is possible.  Before making the judgement in the Summertime Shootout for the DT-400W's top rating in wide-band sensitivity, I did order three different models, all of which had superior wide-band sensitivity to both the E100 and SRF-T615 in my competitive testing.
     The SRF-T615 has far superior nulling ability to the Sangean units, however.  It is much more compact, and has unexcelled audio and AGC among the Ultralight class.  A final point to consider is that there has never been a negative comment about the SRF-T615's sensitivity, among the 25+ estimated owners in the Ultralight radio enthusiast group.  All owners are overwhelmingly positive about the radio, despite the lofty price.
     73,  Gary DeBock  

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