Dawn loggings - Sept 21

Paul Logan

Hi all,

more great conditions this morning and more TA's to my stations heard tally.

I really cant express how amazed I am by the SRF39FP  - at 0730 local / 0630 utc I heard a weak but very clear id from WYLL in Chicago on 1160 " Chicagos Christian Choice". I was stunned - this is a good one from here with a BOG and an NRD 545! Nevermind a tiny radio in the palm of my hand. I need to get some way of recording this stuff - I dont think people will believe it otherwise!.

With the loop added this one was THUMPING in.

others heard were

670    WSCR Chicago, IL   06:02  -sports talk (needed the 4 foot loop for this one)
540    CBGA New Carlisle, QC    06:05 - FF om in talk - good signal
650    CKGA Gander, NL   06:07 - VOCM country fair signal
610    CHNC, New Carlisle, QC  06:11 - FF om in comedy talk - excellent signal
730    CKAC Montreal, QC   06:18 - French talk - fair
760    WJR, Detroit MI    06:20 - talk / id - weakish

Anyone got any tips on taping from one of the sony's without introducing noise etc?

Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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