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Hi Marc,
That LCR meter would be OK if you don't need to measure small values of inductance since it doesn't have the 200 uH scale. But if that is easily available in your country, then that would work fine for winding coils for MW reception where usually 250-500 uH is needed, and then the 2 mH scale on the LCR meter would be used.
(All the meters shown on that webpage you gave the URL for are probably Chinese manufactured.)

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I also found an LCR meter here, from GErmany/ China made, though.
Seems to be OK??
"UNI-T UT603 LCR-Meter NEU !! 1kHz ! RCL Meter UNI-T"
item nr 140401523717

Basic Functions /
Messbereich / Range Genauigkeit /
in <(% + LSB)
Capacitance /
Kapazitt 2nF / 20nF / 200nF / 2uF / 20uF / 200uF / 600uF 1%+1
Inductance /
Induktivitt 2mH / 20mH /200mH / 2H / 20H 2%+5
Resistance /
200 Ohm / 2kOhm / 20kOhm / 200kOhm / 2MOhm /20MOhm 0.8%+8


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