Tech: nice LCR meter spotted on eBay

Steve Ratzlaff <steveratz@...>

I know a number of you build various types of loop antennas to boost the performance of your various ULRs, and it's always nice to be able to measure the inductance of the loop and the capacitance of the tuning cap. There are scads of LCR meters to be found on eBay that might be suitable. I saw an ad for one that appeared to offer all the features for not much money, and ordered it just to check it out. It just arrived and I've compared its operation to my various other LCR meters and can say this one works very well. For inductance it even has a 200 uH scale, which most of the others offered on eBay don't have, so will read lower values of inductance if you need that. I compared it on all of its scales and it compares very favorably to my other more expensive meters. This one claimed in the ad it was shipped from China like most of these various Chinese meters state, but I received it in 4 days and the postmark was from the USA, so this particular item obviously was shipped from the USA. Price was $42 which included free shipping. Item number is 170355298996 and the model number is DM4070, "3 1/2 digit LCR meter". The seller has a bunch of other items for sale and I know some of them are shipped from China, but apparently this item is in stock here--maybe the seller has a US store with some items in inventory.
Another nice thing about it is the huge 1 1/4" high digits in the display; I've never had a piece of test equipment with such an easy to read display.
So if you don't already have an LCR meter, this might be one to consider; it won't break the bank for what you'll pay for it.

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