DX-Camp in the Pontal do Atalaia, Arraial do Cabo / RJ, extreme eastern RJ

Silvio <www-clorofila-up-to@...>

Hello friends, here are some of my listeners that I have done but very late.

And here's an encouraging message to everyone that came to me during one of my eavesdropping.

"DX is to win with patience and perseverance, fighting and
canceling the noise and having the only allies the whole antenna / coupler,
to extract from the bowels of the phone, amid desperate interference,
that precious that issuing identification so weak, almost
inaudible, it will become that log eternal, glorious, UNOCI reason it
give strength to continue along this odyssey, challenge for very few. "

After all,

What I would like to highlight was the Dx-Camp I did in the Pontal do Atalaia, extreme eastern RJ, 28/12/2009, In the exact location 22 ° 59 '22.62 "S, 42 ° 0' 58.09" W
(Type this into Google Maps and you can view the site).

There I could see and be surprised by the presence of cars from various parts of the country!
(Wollongong, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and then on ...)

The location is simply spectacular for the DX. Indescribable, just knowing.

The absence of interference, noise is total.

I really could see that the networks come with a signal more stable, clean,
even more distant. For me it was a dream to be there only for a few

Too bad I was only a small loop and sleep very fast since it hit
weight and was already tired with the journey from Rio to there and then walk to the
top of the mountain, an elevation of some 250 meters above sea level.

As I was walking, I had to walk more than 5 km from the center of Arraial do Cabo,
but be sure that the beach is next is crystal clear and that is
impossible to resist a dip in these waters extremely blue, crystalline
still filled with the purity that God put there when he created our world.

Camped there one night and really enjoyed the wiretaps that could accomplish.

I went there hoping to do some listening, transcontinental, but unfortunately these
few hours I was there I could not achieve such satisfaction in having done
but I feel very honored to have been able to accomplish more this dream. I have in
mind there return.

I would note that this listener in Itapoá / SC managed to make my
Presumed first transcontinental listening passive loop antenna with a square of 1.86 m per side.

Scouts Itapoa - near City Hall - Sat 19/12/2009 c / Tecsun PL-300WT black c / ant ferrite OM Factory + passive loop square of 1.86 m sides wrapped with wire stalk composed of seven tin drizzle / HNV '
1512 R Call of Islam-Saudita-presum/CF/PR/MI/fraquissima/22 Arabia: Islamic 28/11341/cantico w / bells mosque in the background / conflict / my first listen transcontinental

Finally I wanted to pass on a tip, in my view very important, concerning the so
toll function "soft mute" the Tecsun PL-300WT, I realize that the characteristic squeak
Reception on OM greatly reduced if, for example, I change from 1020 to 1021KHz or
for 1010Khz. In my PL-300WT is a notable decrease in wheezing unless the signal is decreased

I still have several other eavesdropping to post soon.

Thank you for the opportunity,

73s to all,

Curitiba / PR
Pictures of my antennas: www.4shared.com/dir/8572518/761d9a54/sharing.html

www.dxing.info / lists / x_argentina.dx
Listing www.dxclube.com.br
Listing stations OM DXCB
site www.radios.com.br

PF = A little fading, CF = c / fading; MF = Very fading; LFP = I heard the announcer talk Prefix; CONF = Confirmed; conflict = confirmed only by listing
PI = little interference, with CI = interference; MI = much interference
Conflict = Confirmed by official list; SR = No noise; PR = little noise; + religious broadcaster;
good -> station with easily audible signal; low -> station with a sign of difficult listening
? -> Issuer unidentified; + = evangelical broadcaster, esp Language = Spanish;
HNV '= The work hours are not informed DST

Dx Camp Pontal do Atalaia 28/12/2009 - Arraial do Cabo/RJ - c/Tecsun PL-300WT + loopstick
de 20cm de comprimento e 0,9cm de diametro c/87 voltas de fio-cabinho-composto
c/7 fiozinhos / HNV / ceu levemente nublado c/chuva fina + loop Terk AM 1000
600 R Gaucha-POA/MF/SR/PI/fraquissima/13551/19:15/LFP/CONF
610 R Itatiaia-MG/PF/SR/SI/m fraca/25533/19:20/LFP/CONF
620 R Jovem Pan-SP/SF/SR/SI/boa/19:22/35533/19:22/LFP/CONF/report s/corrida S. Silvestre
670 R Visao-Pte Nova-MG/CF/SR/MI/LFP/CONF/20:02/fraca/22542/Dbu=43 & S/N=16
680 + R Copacabana-RJ-IURD/PF/SR/SI/20:15/boa/35533/LFP/CONF
690 + R America-ES-presum/MF/SR/CI/20:25/22551/m fraca/Programa com a Mae Aparecida
690 R Clube-Guaratingueta-SP/MF/SR/CI/m fraca/20:28/LFP/CONF/22541
700 R Eldorado-SP/PF/SR/PI/20:30/34533/boa/LFP/CONF
710 R Sucesso-RJ/PF/SR/PI/20:40/LFP/CONF/fraca/24541/
720 R Guaiba-POA/MF/SR/MI/21:10/LFP/CONF/m fraca/22551
720 + R Difusora-Casa Branca-SP-presum/PF/SR/CI/21:12/boa/34523/rezando Ave Maria/anulei a Guaiba girando a loop
730 R Manchester-J Fora-MG-IURD/CF/SR/MI/22:00/fraca/32522/LFP/CONF/sermao do Bispo Macedo
730 R 730-Goiania-GO/MF/SR/MI/m fraca/12551/LFP/CONF/22:25/mxs pop
740 R Sociedade da Bahia-Salvador-BA-IURD/PF/SR/PI/boa/LFP/CONF/22:28/34533
740 R CBN-Florianopolis-SC/CF/SR/CI/LFP/CONF/22:30/34533
750 R America-BH-MG/SF/SR/SI/boa/LFP/CONF/22:33/35533
760 R Manchete-RJ/boa/LFP/CONF
770 + R Amplitud 770, B Aires-Presum/CF/SR/CI/22:35/esp/fraca/22523
770 R Globo-Cachoeiro do Itapemirim-ES/CF/SR/CI/fraca/LFP/CONF/22522/22:36
780 R CBN-SP/CF/SR/PI/LFP/CONF/fraca/23533/22:39
790 R. Mitre, B Aires-presum/MF/PR/SI/22:42/esp
800 R MEC-RJ/boa/SF
810 R El Espectador-Montevideo-Uruguay/CF/SR/PI/22:44/m fraca/24541/esp
840 R Bandeirantes-SP/boa
860 R CBN-RJ/boa/22:48
870 R Nacional da Argentina/B Aires/Arg/fraca/esp
910 R La Red-B Aires-Argentina ?/PF/SR/PI/boa/34533/00:10
1350 R B. Aires-Argentina/PF/SR/PI/fraca/00:15/24542/LFP/CONF
Escutas 3af 9/6/09 centro de Curitiba c/Tecsun R9012 apenas c/ant de ferrite do radio /HNV
650 R Radiodifusao Sul Riograndense-Erechim-RS/MF/PR/PI/LFP/CONF/fraquissima/14441/05:15
Escutas 6af-12/6/09 - Jardim Botanico de Curitiba c/Tecsun R9012 + loop Terk AM 1000
720 R Sentinela-Ourinhos-SP/MF/PR/MI (da Guaiba-POA)/fraquissima/18:32/11451/LFP/CONF
Escutas Domingo 18/7/09 - bairro Jardim América - Curitiba c/Tecsun PL-300WT + Slider Loopstick c/2 ferrites + loop DZ-45 / HNV
560 R Sao Francisco Sat-Caxias do Sul-RS/MF/CR/SI/m fraca/CONFL/17:45/retransmitindo jogo Gremio X Inter pela R Gaucha/25442
Escutas 30/5/09 bairro Jardim América - Curitiba c/Tecsun PL-300WT (so ferrite)
1240 R Municipalista-Botucatu-SP-presum/PF/SR/SI/CONFL/17:45/fraca/25442/retransm a R Jovem Pan
Escutas 30/12/09 - bairro Anchieta - cidade do Rio de Janeiro c/Tecsun PL-300WT + loopstick de 20cm de
comprimento e 0,9cm de diametro c/87 voltas de fio cabinho composto c/7 fiozinhos + loop TERK AM 1000 / HNV
850 R Mundo Melhor-Gov Valadares-MG-presum/MF/PR/SI/19:40/fraquissima/15422/retransmitindo a R Itatiaia/CONFL
870 R Atividade-Muriae-MG/MF/SR/SI/fraquissima/19:50/15551/LFP/CONF
880 R Inconfidencia-MG/SF/SR/SI/boa/LFP/CONF/19:52/45524
920 + R Novo Tempo-BA/MF/SR/MI/LFP/CONF/fraquissima/12551/20:10/varias emissoras misturadas aqui
950 + R Atalaia-BH-MG-IURD/CF/PR/SI/fraca/LFP/CONF/25342/20:20
960 + R S Paulo-SP-IURD/MF/SR/MI/fraca/LFP/CONF/13542/20:50
970 R Pampa-POA-RS/MF/CR/PI/fraquissima/LFP/CONF/14451/20:55
980 R Nacional-Brasilia/CF/SR/SI/boa/21:10/LFP/CONF/35533
1010 R Solar-J Fora-MG/MF/SR/MI/LFP/CONF/fraquissima/22:30/11551
1010 R CBN-Fortaleza-CE-50Kw-presum/MF/SR/MI (da R Cancao Nova)/LFP/CONF/23:00/fraquissima/11551
Escutas 31/12/09 - bairro Anchieta - cidade do Rio de Janeiro c/Tecsun PL-300WT+
loopstick de 20cm de comprimento e 0,9cm de diametro c/87 voltas de fio cabinho composto c/7 fiozinhos + loop Terk AM 1000 / HNV
1020 R Congonhas-MG/MF/SR/MI/LFP/CONF/19:20/mx do Duran Duran/fraquissima/11551
1020 + R Cancao Nova do Santissimo Salvador-Campos-RJ/MF/SR/PI/LFP/CONF/fraca/24522/loc. falou R. Canção Nova/+forte q a Congonhas
1040 R Capital-SP-presum/PF/SR/SI/19:28/CONFL/boa/35533
1050 R Capixaba-ES-presum/PF/SR/SI/19:30/CONFL/boa/35533
1060 + R Cancao Nova do Espirito Santo-M Pereira-RJ/SF/SR/SI/otima/19:32/45515/LFP/CONF/locutor falou Rede Cancao Nova
1070 + R Metropolitana-Mogi-SP/PF/SR/SI/LFP/CONF/20:05/boa/35533/da Igr Batista
1080 + R Capital-Juiz de Fora-MG-presum/MF/PR/SI/20:10/CONFL/sermao do pastor da IPDA falando s/o Davi Miranda
1100 R Globo-SP/SF/SR/SI/boa/20:25/LFP/CONF/45524
1110 R Cultura-Campos-RJ/CF/PR/SI/LFP/CONF/20:28/fraca/35423/Programa Night for Love
1120 R Ouro Preto-MG/MF/SR/MI/LFP/CONF/fraquissima/20:35/13541/retransm a Itatiaia e reportagem s/Reveillon na Lagoa da Pampulha
1140 R Muriae-MG/MF/SR/PI/m fraca/LFP/CONF/24532/20:40/
1140 R Globo-Fatima do Sul-MS/MF/SR/MI/fraquissima/20:42/13551/LFP/CONF/a Muriae estava + forte q ela e girei a loop p/anular a Muriae
1150 R Tupi-SP/PF/SR/SI/boa/20:45/35533/LFP/CONF
1160 R Espirito Santo-Vitoria-ES/PF/SR/SI/fraca/20:48/LFP/CONF/35532
1200 R Cultura Brasil-SP/SF/SR/SI/boa/LFP/CONF/22:40/45524
1260 R Morada do Sol-SP-SP-IPDA/SF/SR/SI/boa/45524/LFP/CONF/23:20
1270 R Brasil Central-GO/MF/SR/CI/LFP/CONF/fraquissima/23:30/12552
1290 R Brasil Sul-Londrina-PR/CF/SR/CI/LFP/CONF/13551/23:40
1300 R CBN-Ponta Grossa-PR/MF/PR/MI/LFP/CONF/fraquissima/11451/23:55
1300 R Educativa do Paraguai/MF/PR/MI/LFP/CONF/fraquissima/23:58
1560 R Jornal-Leopoldina-MG/MF/SR/SI/LFP/CONF/04:50/m fraca/
1570 R ABC-Sto Andre-SP/CF/SR/CI/LFP/CONF/04:55/m fraca/24521
1590 R Globo Joinville-SC/CF/SR/SI/LFP/CONF/05:05/m fraca/25532
1600 R 9 de Julho-sp/SF/SR/SI/boa/LFP/CONF/05:10/35524
1550 R Difusora Santarritense-MG/MF/SR/CI/LFP/CONF/05:32/24532/m fraca/Jornal da Itatiaia
1500 R Montanhesa-Vicosa-MG/MF/MR/SI/LFP/CONF/06:00/m fraca/25332/o ruido solar ja era intenso a partir desta hora
1470 R Mensagem-Jacarei-SP-CF/PR/SI/fraca/LFP/CONF/06:10/25442
1420 R Difusora-S Joao Nepomuceno-MG-presum/MF/CR/SI/06:20/fraquissima/15351/loc falou "Difusora"/CONFL
1370 R Iguatemi-SP-SP/PF/SR/PI/fraca/07:10/24533/loc falou Iguatemi/LFP/CONF
Escutas sab-02/1/2010 - bairro Anchieta - Rio de Janeiro c/Tecsun PL-300WT + loopstick de 20cm de comprim
e de 0,9cm de diametro c/87 voltas de fio cabinho composto c/7 fiozinhos + loop Terk AM 1000 / HNV
1310 R Atalaia-Maringa-PR-IPDA/MF/SR/PI/22:05/fraquissima/LFP/CONF/14551
1330 R Terra-SP/PF/SR/SI/LFP/CONF/fraca/22:20/35522
1340 R CBN-POA-RS + Globo-Passos-MG /misturadas/fraquissimas/LFP/CONF
1370 + R Iguatemi-SP-SP-Presum/PF/SR/SI/boa/23:02/culto da Igreja Mundial do Poder de Deus/25524/e também retransmitia a R Terra /as 00:09 no horario de verao
Escutas Dom-03/1/10 bairro Anchieta - Rio de Janeiro c/Tecsun PL-300WT + loopstick de 20 cm de comprim e 0,9cm de diametro c/87 voltas de fio cabinho composto c/7 fiozinhos + loop Terk AM 1000 / HNV
1380 R Paranaiba-MG/CF/SR/SI/05:10/m fraca/25541/LFP/CONF/mxs do interior de MG/loc falou "Bom Dia Paranaiba" e a toda hora falava a hora tipo 6:23h ; 6:25h...etc...
1390 R Sul Fluminense-B Mansa-RJ/MF/SR/SI/LFP/CONF/05:15/m fraca/15551/loc falou "B Mansa" varias vezes
1390 R Ouro Verde-S Seb do Paraiso-MG/MF/SR/CI/LFP/CONF/fraquissima/14551/loc falou "S Sebastiao..."
1410 + R America-SP/PF/SR/PI/05:25/boa/34533/LFP/CONF/cantos catolicos de Maria Imaculada. Locutor falou "Cancao Nova"
1420 R CRN-Itatiba-SP + R Guaruja-Floripa-SC (Rede Eldorado) misturadas/MF/PR/CI/fraquissimas/06:00/13451/loc falou "Eldorado" noticias as +-06:10
1420 R Multisom-S.J.Nepomuceno-MG/MF/SR/CI/LFP/CONF/06:35/fraquissima/13542
1450 R do Comercio-B Mansa-RJ/MF/PR/SI/LFP/CONF/06:50/m fraca/25422
1540 R Tropical-Tres Coracoes-MG-presum/mxs do interior/fraquissima/06:55
1550 R Dif Santarritense-MG-presum/MF/PR/SI/fraquissima/15451/CONFL/mxs interioranas de MG/07:15
1590 R Globo Jonville-SC/MF/SR/SI/LFP/CONF/07:50/fraquissima/15551
560 R Costa do Sol-Araruama-RJ/SF/SR/SI/boa/08:05/LFP/CONF/quase otima
Escutas 5af 31/9/09 centro de Curitiba - c/Tecsun PL-300 + Slider Loopstick + Slider RGP3 caseira + Terk AM 1000
1190 R America-B Aires-ARG/MF/CR/SI/LFP/CONF/02:35/m fraca/15341/esp
Esc Itapoa/SC proximo à Prefeitura sab 16/1/10 c/PL-300WT + ant loopstick c/ferrite retangular de 10cm de comprimento + loop circular de 1m de diametro / HNV
1450 R do Comercio-Barra Mansa-RJ/PF/SR/SI/boa/LFP/CONF/35533/0:50/anuncio dos Supermercados Bramil
740 R Sociedade da Bahia-IURD/CF/SR/SI/fraca/25533/01:35/LFP/CONF/falou "Culto em Lauro de Freitas-BA"
820 R CBN-Blumenau-SC/MF/SR/CI/fraquissima/LFP/CONF/01:50/15451
870 R Central-Campinas-SP/PF/SR/SI/m fraca/25542/02:04/LFP/CONF
910 R Globo-J. Fora-MG/CF/SR/MI (de R. Argentina)/fraca/02:05/m fraca/LFP/CONF/12521
Escutas Dom 17/1/10 bairro Jardim das Americas -Curitiba c/PL-300WT+ ant loopstick c/ferrite retang de 10cm de comprim + loop circular de 1m de diametro /HNV
610 R Super Conda AM-Chapeco-SC/MF/SR/MI/fraquissima/LFP/CONF/21:45/retransmitindo a Band-SP
Escutas 12/1/10 - centro de Curitiba c/Tecsun PL-300WT + loop circ 1m diametro + ant c/ferrite retangular / HNV
950 R 950-Marilia-SP/CF/MR/SI/LFP/CONF/25442/m fraca/20:20/bate papo sc/ouvintes s/IPTU da cidade
940 + R Super Radio Brasil-RJ/PF/PR/SI/fraca/LFP/CONF/35433/20:25
910 R Globo-J. Fora-MG/MF/CR/CI/LFP/CONF/fraquissima/14351/22:40
Escutas 4af-16/12/09 - Jardim Botanico de Curitiba c/Tecsun PL-300WT preto apenas c/antena de ferrite original
1460 R Dif Paranagua-PR/SF/PR/SI/LFP/CONF/14:15/fraca/25443
1470 R Tradicao-Rio do Sul-PR/SF/PR/SI/LFP/CONF/14:32/boa/35433/Dbu=35 S/N=00
1520 R Serra do Mar-Antonina-PR-presum/SF/PR/SI/fraquissima/CONFL/mxs fraquissimas
Escutas Itapoa - proximo à Prefeitura - sab 19/12/2009 c/Tecsun PL-300WT preto c/ant ferrite de OM de fabrica + loop passiva quadrada de 1,86m de lado enrolada com fio cabinho composto de 7 fiozinhos estanhados / HNV
1512 R Call of Islam-Arabia Saudita-presum/CF/PR/MI/fraquissima/22:28/11341/cantico islamico c/sinos de mesquita ao fundo/CONFL/minha primeira escuta transcontinental
621 RNE-Canarias-presum/PF/MF/SR/MI/fraquissima/23:58/mcs de discotecas/loc falou em espanhol/CONFL
684 RNE n sei de onde-presum/fraquissima/MF/MR/MI/21:30/voz em espanhol/CONFL/a partir daqui escutas de Dom, 20/12/09
801 R universidade AM-Sta Maria-RS-presum/fraquissima/sob a R MEC-RJ/mx de opera/CONFL/21:40
1500 R Fraternidade-Araras-SP/MF/SR/MI/m fraca/22:05/22542
1640 R Hosanna AM-Isidro Casanova-Argentina-presum/PF/PR/SI/fraca/25432/22:15
1710 R AM 1710, Buenos Aires-Argentina-presum/MF/CR/SI/22:20/fraquissima/15341/CONFL/mxs acho q espanholas
530 R. La Voz de las Madres-B Aires-ARG-Presum/so deu p/ouvir o vulto da emissora mas c/muito chiado e s/entender a voz q tava no fundao/22:25/so c/a DZ-75 deu DBu=17 e S/N=00
Escutas Itapoa - proximo à prefeitura - Dom 20/12/09 c/7600G + ant vert +-5m de altura + Acoplador (Reostato + Variavel)
5180 R Bandeirantes ?-Presum/MF/PR/SI/20:15/15451/fraquissima/loc falou "Bandeirantes"-provavelmente alguma retransmissora ?
Escutas centro de Curitiba - Domingo c/PL-300WT + loopstick retang de 10cm de comprim + loop circ c/1m de diametro
1290 R Novo Tempo-S.J.Rio Preto-SP/MF/PR/CI/LFP/CONF/fraquissima/13451/01:40
Esc 14/05/09 centro de Curitiba c/Tecsun R9012 apenas c/a ant de ferrite do radio
1580 R Encanto AM-Encantado-RS/MF/MR/PI/m fraca/LFP/CONF/06:15/35342/"...na regiao dos Vales, AM 1580 - R Encanto AM"
Esc 26/5/09 centro de Curitiba c/Tecsun R9012 só c/ant de ferrite do radio
1450 R Diamante-Coromandel-MG-Presum/PF/PR/SI/LFP/CONF/07:30/25442/ locutor falou "Paraisopolis-MG"
1520 R Continental-RJ/MF/PR/CI/LFP/CONF/23442/m fraca
Esc 22/5/09 c/Tecsun R9012 só c/ferrite do radio - centro de Curitiba
1550 R Imigrantes-Turvo-SC/MF/PR/MI/LFP/CONF/07:30/24342/m fraca
1550 R GuarujaAM-Guaruja-SP-Presum/m fraca/CONFL/retransmitindo a Jovem Pan
Esc bairro Jardim das Américas - Curitiba c/7600G + loop Terk AM 1000 /HNV/DX=OFF
1240 R S. Jose-Mafra-sc/PF/CR/SI/LFP/CONF/35332
Esc Sab 06/06/09 Bocaiúva do Sul - região rural 50km de Curitiba c/7600G + DZ-45 /HNV/DX=OFF
1690 + R APOCALIPSIS II, San Justo, Grande Buenos Aires-ARG-1-Presum/CF/SR/SI/esp/fraca/20:05/25442/pregacao/falou "restauracion"
1680 + R AM Revivir-Isidro Casanova-B Aires-ARG-Presum/CF/SR/SI/fraca/22:28/25442/esp/CONFL
1660 R Esperanza-Virrey del Pino-B Aires-ARG-Presum/MF/CR/SI/22:29/"desde Cordoba, habla..."/15421
1640 + R Hosanna AM-Isidro Casanova-B Aires-ARG-Presum/CF/PR/SI/fraca/22:32/esp/sermao/25442
1630 + R AM Restauracion-Hurlingham-Arg-Presum/CF/PR/SI/22:35/esp/fraca/sermao/25442
1620 R Mar Del Plata-Arg-Presum/CF/SR/SI/fraca/22:40/22:40/esp/35533/mx pop/TA
1610 + R Worldwide University Network do Dr. Gene Scott via relay (repetidora)-Presum/MF/PR/CI/fraquissima/22:43/sermao/13451
690 + R Sociedade Ceres-Goiania-GO-Presum/m fraca/MF/SR/MI/01:10/sermao da IPDA
Esc Dom 07/06/09 bairro Jardim das Americas - Curitiba - c/7600G + DZ-45 /HNV/DX=OFF
1150 R Tupi-SP-SP/SF/SR/PI/LFP/CONF/boa/44533/16:40/Jogo Palmeiras(SP) X Vitoria (BA)
1100 R Globo-SP-SP/SF/SR/SI/LFP/CONF/boa/45544/16:45/Jogo Palmeiras(SP) X Vitoria(BA)
1050 R Uruguay-Montevideo-URU-Presum/CF/CR/CI/fraca/17:00/esp/24342/mxs em esp
980 R Nac Brasilia-DF/SF/PR/SI/boa/17:17/35333/pgm "MusiShow"/LFP/CONF
990 R Mitre-B Aires-ARG/MF/SR/MI/18:05/mxs esp/falou .ar/fraquissima/15551

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