Re: Welcome to New Ultralight DX Group Members

Gary Kinsman

Hi Jay,

I own an E100 and a DT-200VX, both of which are factory aligned. I've
compared them quite a bit, side by side, and my E100 has somewhat
better selectivity than my DT-200VX. The 1 kHz fine tuning gives even
more apparent selectivity, since one can tune a little up or down to
reduce interference, something that can't be done with other

The two radios are roughly equally sensitive at the low end of the
band, but the E100 is much better at the high end of the band. From my
location northeast of LA, often 1700 kHz produces no usable signal on
the DT-200VX during the day, but it is readable on the E100.

The main things I don't like about my E100 are the excessive tuning
knob friction (problem with my particular sample, now fixed, see
earlier post) and the internally-generated het near 640 kHz, which can
usually be avoided by tuning to 641 or 642 kHz (the het seems to move
down in frequency slightly as the radio warms up). The display on my
radio is off by more than 500 Hz and less than 1 kHz. Generally
stations sound best when the display shows 1 kHz above the actual

It could be that your unit is showing the sample-to-sample variability
of Chinese radios.


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Just this week I took delivery of a E100 from Durham Radio. I really
want to like this radio. It's a great size. It feels solid and well
made. But the barn door-wide AM filter is a huge negative. It makes
DXing on either side of a local station an extraordinary challenge.

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