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Ya gotta remember that I'm also backed up against an ocean- the Atlantic is about 20 miles to my east, so most of my DXing is done in 3 directions...except when Europe is in!

I envy you guys in Kansas!

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Oi! For someone like me who is backed up against an ocean, taking away 180 degrees of potential targets, this is indeed impressive! With the gentleness of the ionosphere lately, I hope to see you at 800 soon.

Kevin S.
Bainbridge Island, WA

--- In ultralightdx@..., John Cereghin wrote:
> I finally got UL log number 700 last night:
> 1380 CKPC Brantford ON, 2215, oldies music, IDs between songs including a
> few jingles. Possible since the WTMC network of the Delaware Department of
> Transportation HAR stations seemed to be off last nignt, opening up 1380.
> Gotta get ready for work, but I may write up some analysis of my 700
> stations later.
> Onto 800!
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