Re: Tecsun PL-360 7.5" Plug-in Loopstick-- Locking System

Gary DeBock

Hello Farmerik (and Stephen),
Sorry about the issues with PL-360 plug-in loopstick photo downloading.
All related photos have been added to the PL-360 photo album in the Ultralightdx photo site, which now has 20 pictures. Yahoo makes it easy for all to download the photos by reducing the file size, and since the photos were all chosen for sharp focus originally, the details should still be acceptably sharp for all interested DXers to view.
Thanks to both of you (and many others) who have expressed interest in this very fun project.
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 
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Gary - The PL-360 photo you gave the link to, and one or two previous ones come up as huge on my screen, and there is no tool bar to move the part of the photo I can see to center it over the radio. I can only see one edge of the '360. Maybe no one else is having this problem. I use firefox. But if there is an other way I could either see the whole photo in a screen size, or move it around so I can view what you are trying to show, then I could see what you have accomplished. Thanks very much for all your efforts. - FARMERIK

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> Hello All,
> For those interested in this experimental project, the final design
> challenge with the PL-360 7.5" plug-in loopsticks was to provide a rubber-based
> system to secure the relatively large antenna and frame in place, to avoid
> rotation in the antenna jack. Hopefully the same system would provide some
> additional shock resistance for both the 7.5" loopstick and frame, and
> reduce stress in the plug-in jack.
> All objectives were accomplished by gluing a short section of 3/8" I.D.
> rubber hose to the loopstick frame, carefully positioned so that the PL-360
> whip antenna tip plugs into the rubber hose, whenever the custom loopstick
> is plugged into the PL-360. Not only does this stop loopstick rotation, but
> the system provides additional shock protection for both the loopstick and
> frame, while dividing the loopstick weight between the whip antenna and
> plug-in jack. The entire 7.5" plug-in loopstick system now feels very secure,
> and well-protected against minor bumps and scrapes (a photo is attached
> below, which is also posted at _
> ( ).
> The PL-360's AM-DXing personality changes dramatically with these 3" and
> 7.5" plug-in loopsticks, which are great fun to play around with. For those
> who have ordered new PL-360's and would like to try them, I plan to start
> some "production runs" shortly (as time allows), and also post detailed
> instructions for those DXers who wish to build their own. It's a very rare
> opportunity to get a huge, self-contained AM sensitivity boost without voiding
> the warranty :-)
> 73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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