Puyallup, WA TP's for 9-21

Gary DeBock

Happy Fall Equinox,,
     The band was better this morning with a decent sunrise peak, providing a new modified E100 Ultralight logging of HLSA-603 at 1320 (conversation in Korean, fairly good signal). 
     High band powerhouses like 1566 and 1575 also were back at normal strength, as well as the usual Japanese on 594,747,774 and 828.  Seasonal performers like 648, 657, 666 and 963 were strong.  It was a very good morning for propagation here, although not at great levels like last Sunday.  I was chasing "almost audio" on 684, 756, 1035, 1134 and others on both the modified ICF-2010 and E100, and some were at threshold audio off and on, but no clear loggings.  675 audio was recorded around 1343 for language determination (Chinese or Vietnamese), and the propagation seemed to continue much longer than usual past sunrise.  39 Modified E100 TP loggings to date-- and it was a real blast receiving every one!
     73,  Gary
Modified ICF-2010:  30" loopstick constructed of four Amidon 7.5" ferrite bars, wound with 40/44 Litz wire
Modified E100:  7.5" Amidon Slider loopstick + CFJ455K5 Murata IF filter

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