Re: Congratulations to Greg Hart-- Master Latin American DXer

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Congrats, Greg! I sure wish you'd post what you hear. There are no
mundane ULR loggings, and you're far enough north of me to hear things I
can't. Let's put the Sunshine (not today!) State on the map.

Same goes for you other lurker-listeners -- we want to know what you're
hearing! I home in on those posts, and I'll bet many others do, too.
(Back me up here, folks.) Again: There are no mundane ULR loggings;
they're all good. Even if you're not interested in applying for
certificates (they're beautiful and worth having, though), we'd like to
know what everyone else is hearing.


Jim, KR1S <> <>
I totally agree. Hope to see more lurkers on here!! Please do send loggings in. We appreciate it very much.

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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