Re: earbuds for SRF 59

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I solved this problem. i found a pair of decent koss earbuds with
decent rubber that fit and stay in my ears. SQ is good enough for DX .
I also picked up a perfect armband case it fits in like a glove. I can
now easily have the SRF 59 with me at all times when on the road for
DX opportunties !!!
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I am trying to figure out a way to easily take the SRF 59 to the
on a pedal bike . I have a media case i picked up from walmart that
holds batteries, the srf 59 but not enough room for headphones. At
home i would use my sony monitor headphones with 8 feet of cord
makes an good FM antenna and great SQ even on AM !!! this is fine
at home but the headphones are too big for the case. i m thinking of
an earbud solution oly for the reason that they will fit the case.
Also a small set of fold up headphones will do too . But i'm looking
for good volume and SQ so i can hear what i'm DXing . also have to
figure wire lenght for FM antenna. i would prefer a headband so they
stay in my ears any suggestions ????

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