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Can I jump in?

Your situation sounds like a typical Mid-Atlantic situation, with 50 kw blowtorches abounding.

I haven't really had any problems with overloading on any of my ULs and my RF environment is probably worse than yours (except for the mountains as the Delmarva is generally flat as a griddle).  For the record, I use:
PL310 (my current favorite)
PL-300WT (the FM DX champ!)

All of these radios do a good job barefoot and are sensitive enough for good DX work.  My favorite is the PL-310 since it has the filter selections from 1-6 khz, which is a must for foreign DXing and splitting off adjacent slop from the strong stations.  We do have a cult following around the SRF-T615, which is probably the best UL if you want to shell out $135 or so.

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To explain my RF environment a little bit: I live about 30 miles east from San Francisco and have the following 50 KW nighttime stations to contend with:

1100 KFAX - 23 miles
810 KGO (IBOC)- 30 miles
740 KCBS (IBOC) - 35 miles
1140 KHTK (IBOC) - 57 miles
860 KTRB - 67 miles
1530 KFBK (IBOC) - 68 miles

Given this RF environment and the fact that I have mountains (Mount Diablo range)to the west and south, fairly close by, which radio would you suggest as a starter?

These IBOC stations cover about 30 kHz in big slop!


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