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Thanks! You are helping sort this all out. - FARMERIK

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Hi Farmerik,

Actually I am not familiar about the KA33 antenna, but as I know the
following is confirmed:
de31: sw only
tg33: mw only
de31ms: mw and sw only
tg34: mw and sw only but have additional testing added in manufacturer side.

- Tao Qu


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Very interesting Tao Qu. My antenna is labeled as a TG33 and Mediumwave
active loop, but the Universal Radio catalog describes the KA33 as tuning AM
and SW 3.9 to 22 MHz. It only seems to have a single tuning control, and no
band switch to select AM or SW, and with a gap from AM up to 3.9 MHz. it
should have one or the other.

I really don't know what is going on here. - FARMERIK

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de31: sw only
tg33 / ka33: mw only
tg34 / de31ms: mw + sw


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Universal still sells them as the Kaito 33. - FARMERIK

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I thought Universal checked radios before shipping them out? The antenna
came in a bubble pak, which you could tell if it had been opened though. I
wonder if any of the ones shipped from China would have been checked.
must work, or no one would still sell them. - Rik

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I bought one of the MW/SW models about a year or so ago from Universal
Radio, and it didn't work at all. It may have been defective, since others
have had luck with them. However, I just returned it and got my money back
(less shipping, natch...), so I don't know how well they work from
experience. It's a neat idea at a great price point, though.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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Several years ago I bought an AM only DEGEN folding loop travel
antenna. It seemed to do absolutely nothing other than light the LED
indicator when I turned it on, so I figured it was defective. A SW only
version was also offered. I just noticed DEGEN is still selling this sort
antenna, but now one model covers AM and SW. Does anyone here have one,
if so how does it work? Radio Intel did a review of the SW version,
comparing it to the similar SONY 'window' amplified loop antenna.
It might be interesting on the PL-360, not for DXing per se, but
portable for use on mountain top picnics. - FARMERIK

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