Re: High-Q Mini-Loop for Ultralights


Hey John/all:

I posted a couple pictures earlier on the UltraLight group in the Photos
section, depicting how I placed the coil inside of an old 3.5" computer
diskette box, put a small variable capacitor on it, and Voila! a ULr-sized
passive loop, perfect for inductive coupling to an ULr. The high-tech
packing material is "papier toilette" in order to keep the loop from
bouncing around.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA



I must have missed the e-mail that described how you are using these
loops w/ULR. Are you connecting them directly to the ULR, with an
inductive coil on the loopstick? Or are you hooking them to a
capacitor and tuning them, with side-by-side inductive coupling? Or
are you pulling out the stock loopstick and substituting the coil...
easy to do in the E100. ???? Intensely curious.... and sorry if I
missed a post.

John Bryant,
Ultralighting my way across Peru

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