Re: SRF 59 Rises from dead

Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

One of my friends has an SRF-59 that performs very poorly on a NiMH
battery but great with an alkaline. Go figure.

Anything that can keep up with a Kaito KA1103 is doing pretty well.

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Lets go back to end of December 2007. went to circuit city and picked
up a srf-59. It was cold outside then but a quick band scan seemed OK.
Just after New years day i went to my back up apartment on the other
side of the state while renovations were done here. i packed the sfr-59
in my suitcase. When i arrived at the temp backup apt and attempted to
DX with the SRF 59 it seemed suddenly DEAF !!!!! i had a grundig mini
300 with me and the mini 300 at the time was blowing away the srf-
59 !!!! i even took these both outside for shootouts and the SR-59
could hardly hear NY during the day (it should have heard 660,880, and
possibly 1010 and 1130.) !!!! The grundig min did at the time. so i
spent the winter at the backup apt basically used the grundig mini 300
for my time there. i wrote the sony off as junk and put it away and
forgot about it. Fast forward in time. spring comes renovations done
returned home. The summer DX season was coming and my mind was on a
eton e-100 the srf 59 remained forgotten and left in the suitcase and
just put away for the summer. Fast forward in time to sept 20th 2008 4
AM EDT. i got early for sunrise DX. for some strange reason i had an
urge to pull the SRF 59 out to give it a try. i remembered it was deaf
from the winter. but was desperate. colder weather will be coming and
the kaito 1103, eton e10, eton e100 ETC were all filled with growls,
hissing, grinding sounds, IBOC hash you name it. DX was IMPOSSIBLE in
this QHT !!!! sure all these radios performed great at the park but
too bad i don't live there !!!! so i put a brand new fully charged
digital camera high power rechargeable AA battery in the SR 59. what
happened next was straight out of the twilight zone !!!! The deaf
walkman suddenly morphed into a mean mad little silver bullet DX
machine capable of the IMPOSSIBLE !!! heard was WIZZ around 10 AM
which can only be heard at the park on Kaito 1103 .......the srf59 was
pulling it in HERE at QHT !!!! Next it pulled in 560 springfield mass
over WDZZ 550 which runs IBOC ......during the DAY !!!! 660, 770
(weak),880,1010,1130, all heard on groundwave during day. In fact the
srf 59 basically MATCHED the kaito 1103 on MW !!!!! In some cases the
kaito 1103 could not null hash on 560 and could no hear it while the
srf 59 did due to its ability to null. later during the day after 11 AM
or so tropo started on FM. SRF 59 heard 102.9 portland maine and 94.9
MT washington NH right here at QHT. Main is a good 200 miles.last
night it brought in everything . Even 1010 , 1020, 1030 were hearable
no problem. 740 which is jammed my a growl on the kaito 1103 and eton
10 came in just fine in the sRF 59 !!!! i am still waiting to wake up
from this dream as this is not possible........!!!!

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