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In looking at some loggers with 300-400-500 stations and sometimes 10 co-channel stations I find it hard to believe unless the individual does a lot of traveling. 10 co-channel station from one location and all barefoot?? Very unlikely!

Logs are only meaningful when the listening location is recorded in the logs.

I will probably get flames from this post...

Neil Bell

Hi Guys:

  Well...I think enough has been said on this I won't beat the Dead Horse any longer!!

On a happier note......I just got back from the Hospital Emergency Room....where I had 3 Tubes of Fluid Drained from my knee.....had 3 Needles full of Freezing......1 Needle full of Morphine....and 1 Needle full of Cortisone pumped in to replace what they took out!!! If that ain't fun then I don't know what is!! HAHHAHAHHA....

My knee is still the size of a Softball...but the Pressure that was in my knee caused by the Fluid and swelling sure feels a lot better.....and the Happy Juice didn't hurt either!! HAHHAHHAA...heck I can almost walk again.....Hopefully this will just return to normal and I can carry on with life.

I feel so much better now....I may just turn on an Ultralight and see what's coming in.....before the Rain and Thunderstorms arrive!!

So after this little Blip on radar (both the goofy message and my knee buggering up)....let's resume normal activities!!

Have a Good One Boys......

Salute....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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