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Paul Logan

Hi Neil,

here in Europe there are not as many AM stations on the dial but still on my good channels I still have five or six different stations logged. It has taken me over two years to log 500 stations with mostly barefoot ultralights.

In regards to listeners in North America hearing ten stations on one channel, this doesnt really surprise me at all.

Daily and seasonal fluctuations in propagation can deliver very different results on any given channel as long as it isnt occupied by a powerhouse local. I have seen instances where WYFR from Taiwan (complete with the usual top of hour jingle) has dominated 1557 khz overpowering French and British stations from relatively close by.

Thats what makes radio magical, theres something new almost every day. Doing it with simple receivers doubles the fun.

Put in the time and effort and you will have similar results.

best wishes

Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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In looking at some loggers with 300-400-500 stations and sometimes 10 co-channel stations I find it hard to believe unless the individual does a lot of traveling. 10 co-channel station from one location and all barefoot?? Very unlikely!

Logs are only meaningful when the listening location is recorded in the logs.

I will probably get flames from this post...

Neil Bell

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