The Hoop Loop goes sideways

jim_kr1s <jkearman@...>

Chris Knight and Scott Willingham both suggested making the Hoop Loop tiltable. So I did! Scroll down this page for details. 

I refer you to a link I gave, to Radio Intel, that may interest you if you'd like to make a larger-inductance Hoop Loop. I was unaware of this design when I made mine, so I partially re-invented his work! Cutting off the top half of the outer loop makes it easier to tilt. If I were him I would have mounted the variable capacitor on the base. The added length of wire wouldn't make much difference in tuning and would make the loop easier to balance mechanically.

A preliminary test on two stations gave mixed results. I can't find a good null on WJNX-1330, about 30 miles north of me, but they're 63 / 25 all the way around. WBZT-1230, about 30 miles in the other direction, is 56 / 25 on peak, and nulls to 42 / 12 with the loop vertical. The tilt null is very sharp, but I can get it to 30 / 00 easily, and one time it went down to 25 /00. Once I get some practice flying this thing it should do very well. Thanks to Chris and Scott for encouraging me to add this mod. Chris, MULDxER 3 will be even better!

Jim, KR1S 

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