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Time is one of the factors you're not taking into account. It takes time, and the variability of seasons and propagation to make most of the loggings possible. I would almost guarantee that I cannot hear all 8 stations I have logged on 1490 kHz in one night. In early winter I may hear a few that I can't at any other time of the year... same goes for late fall (thats Thanksgiving and New years: only 50 or so days apart). Time may permit changes in the sunspot cycle (5 years is significant: 2 or 3 will produce changes) to allow/disallow hearing some stations. iBOC has altered the ability to make confirmations by having a large bandwidth. The list of variables dependant on time are near endless, and all make or break station identification.

Paul S. in CT

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In looking at some loggers with 300-400-500 stations and sometimes 10 co-channel stations I find it hard to believe unless the individual does a lot of traveling. 10 co-channel station from one location and all barefoot?? Very unlikely!

Logs are only meaningful when the listening location is recorded in the logs.

I will probably get flames from this post...

Neil Bell

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