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I have heard 709 stations from my location in Worcester,MA. 81 of these are Graveyard stations.
 All of this done with the little Sony T615. It just takes time and patience. I also have an Icom R75 which has not been used in several months.
Frank Welch Worcester,MA

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neilbellgroups wrote:


In looking at some loggers with 300-400-500 stations and sometimes 10 co-channel stations I find it hard to believe unless the individual does a lot of traveling. 10 co-channel station from one location and all barefoot?? Very unlikely!

Logs are only meaningful when the listening location is recorded in the logs.

I will probably get flames from this post...

Neil Bell

Hi Guys and Neil:

  Well......I want to answer Neil's question.... but I'm just not sure where to begin!!! Since I have logged 831 AM BCB stations (Most of them Barefoot)... .I guess I'm one of the guys he's referring to??

Neil......I' m not sure if you're New to the list or New to DXing in general..... .but please rest assured that we are NOT driving around to various locations to log these stations!! They are ALL made from my home, in my case and I'm sure others will chime in to assure you that theirs are too!!

I have logged almost 30 Stations on a few Frequencies. 10 Co-Channels really ain't much to brag about.

Unfortunately I'm just getting ready to head to the Hospital right now to have a buggered up Knee looked at.......but hopefully I can answer your post a little more in depth when I get a chance maybe later tonight!!

In the meantime...I' m sure you will get a BARRAGE of Replies assuring you that we are for real.....and not a bunch of Fraudsters who travel from Tower to Tower to log Stations!!!

Ok Boys...I gotta go and see what's wrong with my knee......I' ll read the replies when I get back.

73........ROB VA3SW

Rob (ULR Awards Committee... I think???)

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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