Log the UK while you can!

jim_kr1s <jkearman@...>

From the London Telegraph:

"For almost 90 years through wars, royal weddings and moon landings, British radio has relied on the traditional analogue signal to bring news, music and entertainment to millions of listeners.

"But now the hiss and crackle of the analogue radio set are finally set to become a thing of the past, with a new law passed yesterday paving the way for digital radio switchover in 2015.

"The controversial Digital Economy Act, passed as one of the current government's very last pieces of legislation in the 'wash-up' process before Parliament is dissolved next week, enacts a legal framework to end FM, AM and Long Wave radio transmissions - despite huge practical objections and warnings that pressing ahead may result in a 'public backlash'."


Jim, KR1S

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