weird evening

Tony Germanotta

Guys, I wasn't DXing last night, just listening the the Phillies game while I worked but there seemed to be some strange conditions that might portend some good DX for those with the time.

The Phillies are on 1210 AM, a 50KW powerhouse out of Philadelphia. Usually, that comes screaming in here in Virginia after sunset. I was working in my office, which has a closet that contains my radio room. So I turned on my R8A, hardly a ULR, about 7:15 p.m.

What was weird was I was picking up, at very good levels, a country western station on the same frequency. I never got an ID and didn't record it, since I was basically listening for content on the cochannel and too busy to break out the PL-310 and go direction finding. But the normal pest when I am listening to a game are latin stations. This was non-spanish and there right at our sundown and present up beyond the TOH at 8 p.m., so it was unlikely to be coming from stations to the west (although I was using my tall G5RV out back as the antenna.)

Anyways, this isn't an appeal for an ID, since I wasn't using the right radios. Just an alert that the ionosphere was playing tricks last night. So much so that the R8A's sync was having a hard time locking on the Phillies game and there was a consistent warble in the signal.

My guess is that conditions favored a northern path and I was receiving one of the relatively weak Canadian stations on 1210. But who knows. It may be a time to pick up something in WPHT's considerable shadow. Me, I'll be too busy with work for another week or so to test any theories. And tonight might be completely different. That's the fun and magic of propagation.

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