ultralight loggings

Tim Davisson

Here's my loggings from the last couple days on my SRF-59, barefoot,
all times EDT:

Fri. 9/19/08 950 WVTS/Charleston, WV, 7:24pm.
" " 1330 WVHI/Evansville, IL, 10:59pm, relgious.
Sat. 9/20/08 690 WELD/Fisher, WV, 7:57pm, satellite oldies.
" " 810 WMJH/Rockford, IL, 8:01pm, Spanish.
" " 1370 WGIV/Pineville, NC, 8:35pm, gospel.

Up to just 109 stations heard in 3 weeks of pretty casual listening.
Having lots of fun!


Tim, KD8GZ
Norton, Ohio (near Akron)

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