DX - Dawn Sept 20th

Paul Logan

Hi all,

a few nice ones this morning including a great catch of WMVP from Chicago on 1000 khz barefoot on the SRF39FP. The last three were only there with the 4 foot loop.

Heres what was heard

1000    WMVP Chicago, IL    06:53   
1030    WBZ Boston MA    07:10   
1050    WEPN  NYC    07:13   
1060    WBIX Natick MA    06:55   
1100    WTAM Cleveland OH    07:10   
1110    WBT Charlotte NC    07:05   
1120    KMOX St. Louis MO    07:15   
1160    WYLL Chicago, IL    07:28    *
1190    WLIB NYC, NY    07:05    *
1300    WOOD Grand Rapids, MI    07:10    *

 I also had a Quebec station on 1150 but not sure which one.

I've been a little casual about logging since I hit 300 in 30 days - better see how many stations I've actually heard on these little radios.

WMVP was a big shock - its a difficult channel being so close to 999 but there was ESPN as I stood by my window around dawn. had someone told me this was possible a year back I would have thought it impossible.

Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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