This Group is Amazing

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Greetings Fellow Ultralighters,

I continue to be amazed at the amount of cool info being posted here.
I'd like to comment to many members, but that might take a lot of
words! Congrats to Richard for hitting 300+ stations, and to all you
heavy-hitters here! Sometimes I feel like a snail when I compare my
numbers to many of you all. I didn't really start getting enthused
about ultralighting until around June. So far, using the E100 and the
SRF59,I've managed to log 164 stations. I'm already noticing the
difficulty is increasing unless there's some good
openings/propogation. Robert summed it it quite well; it just all
depends on many factors. Being "inconvienced" by having to work for a
living indeed puts somewhat of a dammper on the radio times, just to
name one. Only one interesting logging to report from here lately. I
was quite surprised to hear KHOW, 670, Commerce City, CO from 0930
well past 1000 Central Time. KOA was in that morning as well. On a
final note, I've recently noticed some of the best times to ID the
XE's are at their sign on times if they're not 24 hrs....DO'H, never
thought of that before. Enough for now. 73 to all you fellow radio
nuts from another one in Oklahoma.
Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK
Eton E100, SRF59

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