Re: Graham Maynard's Tecsun PL-380 Modification Article


Hmm... sound interesting... so maybe we could fit a decent-sized ferrite inside there. I do share his concern about the internally generated noise, too, though. I wonder if it might be possible to fit 2 AAA batteries in the area where the built-in bar is (cutting plastic as necessary), and put a 4"x1/2" or 3"x3/8" Amidon-61 bar in the battery compartment?
But then there's also still the issue of making it usable in vertical orientation. I wonder if there's a place to put, say, a 2"x1/4" or 3"x3/8" Amidon-61 bar on one side of the radio, with a switch to select between the two antennas? It would be kind-of awkward to put the radio in my pocket (for carry-around hands-free use) in horizontal orientation.
That's actually a Grundig G8 that I had bought from Radio Shack, then returned, before I got the PL-380, but it's the same size, basically, and you can see that it isn't exactly a very pocketable radio. I am able to get it in there, but it looks (and feels) a bit awkward. If I could use it vertically without sacrificing more than a couple dB of sensitivity, it would be nice.

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Hello All,

Noted UK experimenter Graham Maynard has published an excellent PL-380
modification article in the April edition of Medium Wave News (Europe's
premier MW hobbyist club bulletin). He details an effective "stealth" loopstick
modification (with some minor plastic removal) and simple component changes
to greatly improve audio fidelity.

Reprinted with Graham's permission, the article has been uploaded to the
Ultralightdx file site at
Tecsun%20PL380mod.doc) ,
and is also available at _
( .

Graham has been an active UK experimenter for many years, and his fine
technical articles are posted on his website at _
( . Thanks to Graham (and MWC) for making this article

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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