KCBQ overloads PL-380 (Re: Tecsun PL-360 3" Loopstick Testing)

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Actually, Farmerik, WTIC is quite close to both you and me in different directions. Try tuning in 1090 or 1070 kHz... all you should get is a iBOC hurricane, with weak WBAL 1090 and CHOK on 1070, both rather unusable. Though not technically an overload, it should be the strongest signal on your dial, except for Vernon and Manchester maybe. Down here, WELI 960 and WXCT 990 are VERY strong daytimers (5kw-20km and 2.5kW-10 km respective).

Paul S. in CT

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Scott - I have the opposite conditions in my area [CT]. There are no nearby 50kW stations, but there are signals on almost every AM channel, and many with more than one on the same frequency. I am enjoying the radios with highly directional ferrite rod antennas, but I am also interested in making a large [perhaps 3-4 foot] air loop, and wondered what factors would make it more directional for DXing, and LESS directional for regular listening? I am asking for an opinion, and I am sure experts will disagree. - FARMERIK

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