Re: A few new ones tonight, and finally TWO new states!


hi rick,

so you copied salem oregon KPJC that runs 1000 watts day and 171 watts nighttime ????? from indiana ?? 1976 mi from MI. that has to be some kind of record.

i find that hard to believe. what time did you hear them, and what was the programming ? how long did you hear them ? how sure are you that it was Oregon ?

byron nr Detroit

--- In ultralightdx@..., Rick Garrett <IndyRick@...> wrote:

I FINALLY broke my new state drought tonight. :)

1370, WCOA, Pensacola, FL. Really nice signal into Indianapolis for about
15 minutes tonight at 8:20 local, till fade out about 8:38

1220 KPJC, Salem, Oregon. I had high hopes for this one, as a friend had
picked them up about a week ago in Indy. Tickled to death with this one.

Also logged tonight:

600 WSNL, Memphis, TN

1160 WYLL, Chicago, IL.

Happy weekend, all!

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