Re: Return of the Ultralight TP's

Gary DeBock

Actually the 7.5" loopstick PL-380 has already received multiple LW TP's in its current configuration, including Radio Rossii on 180 and 279 kHz. The model could probably receive several more LW TP's without further changes, if I were motivated to go after them.
There is a 6.5' (side) LW-optimized PVC box loop already in the back yard also, in case there was a need for any more LW gain. My own preference is to avoid hard-wiring any large external accessories to Ultralight radios, in order to keep them as portable as possible. Inductively coupling the large PVC loops to Ultralights provides the maximum gain, freedom and convenience, in my opinion. But I respect other ideas.
73, Gary   
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That reminds me. I was looking up LW stations in WRTH. There are a bunch in Siberia, running about 100 kW. You'll be able to hear them. Not sure you can get enough wire onto a 7.5-inch rod and still have an effective antenna, but you might toss a toroid onto a PL-380 you've already hacked, and couple a loop into it. Make the winding 2700-3500 uH, measure the inductance of the loop (no tuning cap) and make another winding of the same inductance. Hook it up with speaker wire. LW BC is a lot of fun. Signals tend to remain steady for 30 minutes or more, and can be quite strong. Plus, you don't have as much interference from adjacent stations! The PL-380 works just as well at LW as MW, and I'd like to see more LW ULR activity.


Jim, KR1S 

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