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> Hi John,
> I wont be sending you anymore logs, since i have now crossed over to the Dark Side.

Ha! All my loggings since sometime in December have been Unlimited. I have a new motto: "Life's too short for ferrite rods." (That's a joke, okay?) Now it's time to take the next step and get a PL-380. Analog dials are so 20th century! That is one hot rod of a radio. Moved mine back to MW tonight, was listening on 1020, and could not null a 10 kW Cuban. Finally realized the toroid was bringing them in about 50 dBu with no antenna connected. Stuck the whole works inside an old steel mini-cabinet, with headphone and antenna feedline coming out under the lid, and managed to shut them up. When I finally box up these toroids they'll have to go in metal or metalized containers.

If I were into pain I'd see how much I could log with only that toroid for an antenna. Make the leap, Byron, you'll be glad.


Jim, KR1S 

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