Re: Georgia and South Carolina coast ulr dx sessions,part 3

Carl DeWhitt

How do you keep the bogs out of the way of the beach walkers ?
Also,what are the typical lengths of your bogs?
Do you terminate them or leave them unterminated ?
I might try the Gary Deacon method around here if i can find a suitable place.
Thanks and 73.

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I've found the simplest way to couple bog to URL is the Gary Deacon method of just winding a few turns around the RX along the axis of the internal ferrite.

I DXed a couple of times at Tybee during October. One night I was able to pick up England, Spain and Duba. Spain was barefoot. I need to try it more. Laziness keeps me home. ;)

Tybee has beach walkers all hours of the night, year round.

73, Gil

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