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Gary DeBock

Hello Farmerik,
The PL-360 can tune LW in 1 kHz steps, although this must be done manually, with the tuning knob rotated at a slow rate. When rotated at a fast rate, the tuning knob shifts to the standard 9 kHz step frequencies. In LW the digital tuning functions only work in 9 kHz steps, and there is no distinct "LW" band on the PL-360 (or "LW" selection on the front panel), since the frequencies are simply added to the MW frequencies on the 9 kHz band plan. In this arrangement, the user can tune from 153 kHz all the way up to 1620 kHz in 9 kHz steps. Slowing down the tuning knob rotation can allow the user to tune down to 150 kHz, however. The lack of any "LW" selection on the front panel can mislead new users into thinking the radio lacks LW coverage (even me, originally). 
As might be expected, the improved plug-in MW loopsticks also boost up LW performance dramatically over the midget stock loopstick, although I've yet to record detailed "Shootout" results. An LW-band specialist could easily construct an LW-optimized loopstick for great performance on this band, if desired. A dedicated ULR-DXer could even assemble a "tool kit" of serious PL-360 plug-in loopsticks, to use for maximum versatility on both LW and MW.
73, Gary   

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I noticed in the eBay listing, the 360 only tunes LW in 9kHz. steps. Are these the standard ones used in Europe? I am on the East coast, and with the help of a really big LW antenna I was hoping to tune broadcasts from across the pond. - FARMERIK

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