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Hi John,

I wont be sending you anymore logs, since i have now crossed over to the Dark Side. thats right, i'm now in the unlimited class. got tired of listening to static and dupes. wanted to get back into the game and log some new ones often. i'm using a 38x38 inch litz loop.

i have added a 6 to 1 vernier to the Sony SRF-59 and its tuning is sooo much improved, that i can hardly believe it. still thinking about adding another ferrite rod antenna to it. i'm also starting to DX on the FM band.

still chasing states on AM, working on AL and SD and local MI stations. I hope you add an unlimited section, but if you dont, thats ok.

was wondering if you have logged SD, if so what freq ?

byron wa8lcz

--- In ultralightdx@..., John Cereghin <jcereghin@...> wrote:

After a few days chasing FM tropo (and bagging 15 new stations), it's back
to the ultralights and I've managed to add two new stations to the UL log:

920 WURA, Quantico VA, 4/9 at 2035, tejano music

1260 WHYM, Lake City SC, 4/10 at 0730, call ID, Fox Sports Radio, announced
a FM parallel, probably 93.7

Now at 692 ultralight stations.**

John Cereghin WDX3IAO KB3LYP
Smyrna DE
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