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> I noticed in the eBay listing, the 360 only tunes LW in 9kHz. steps. Are these the standard ones used in Europe? I am on the East coast, and with the help of a really big LW antenna I was hoping to tune broadcasts from across the pond. - FARMERIK

It probably  defaults to 9/1 on LW. The PL-380 does as well. It will tune 1-kHz steps, but if you spin the knob it defaults to 9. I haven't tried but I don't think you can set it to 1/10  as you can on MW.

You'd want the ability to tune in 1-kHz steps. Most European LW BCers use the 9-kHz plan, but there are exceptions. The plan is: 153, 162, 171, 180, 189, 198, 207, 216, 225, 234, 243, 252, 261, 270, 279.

But the Germans Deutschlandradio Kultur - 177, and Radio Europe 1 - 183 are off the beam.

You aren't really on the East Coast, you're more like 85 miles inland. Before you go for a big LW antenna, how many TA MW stations can you hear? From much experience I can tell you that the difference between on the beach and ten miles inland is dramatic. From Canton, CT, about 40 miles farther west than you, I could hear MW TAs in winter, with a long Beverage and a preamp connected to an SP-600, but they were never as strong as they are here on a 23-inch loop + PL-380. From the northern Bahamas I could hear Cuban LW beacons with a barefoot DX-440 that I still haven't heard from home here in Florida. Location, location, location.

Just got around to checking on Google Earth. Turns out that looking at Europe, I'm a little over 10 miles inland, and it's 6 miles to the ocean looking at North Africa. Seems closer when there's a hurricane!


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