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Here are a few loggings from Litchfield Beach ,S.C. I did not do much dxing from there.

1620 WDHP Frederiksted ,U.S.V.I. 1945-2006 EDT Caribbean style music.i.d." You are listening to WDHP-AM..U.S. Virgin Islands.good to fair mixing with presumed Cuban and U.S. station.E-100 with SAT.
This one still eludes me after 4 years :( Being in the X-Band I always thought this an easy target, but utility noise always seems about. At Rocky Neck St. Park, its easy at dusk even on a WRX911 barefoot. Haven't gotten this inland 12 miles, though Cuba on many frequencies makes it here.

I have yet to hear this from Maryville ,Tn.
1550 Radio Rebelde Cuba 2019-2029 EDT.fair//670.E-100 barefoot.
Thanks for the tip, I usually get local Disney by day and CBE(?) at night... the Cuba station might squeeze into the CBE null.Will try for this tomorrow night if possible.

1540 ZNS-1 National Voice of the Bahamas 2029-2035 EDT. Carribean style music.i.d."Absolutely no one plays more..AM 1540,The National Voice of The Bahamas"fair-good.E-100 barefoot.
Too much Canada and WDCD, always trying for this one here, and have gotten this at RNSP.

Paul S. in CT comments

In all 7 countries were logged in 3 nights on this vacation.
Carl DeWhitt
Maryville ,Tn.

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