Re: Tecsun PL-360 Plug-in Loopsticks-- Huge AM Sensitivity Boosts


i will buy one

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Now, who wants to wind and sell plug in ferrite antennas for the fumble fingered? - FARMERIK

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> Hello All,
> The Tecsun PL-360 is one of the smallest Si4734 DSP-chip Ultralights, with
> a rather modest stock loopstick. It has fixed 3 kHz DSP selectivity, and
> fully enabled soft mute-- similar to the Tecsun PL-300WT/ Grundig G8 models.
> But is does one have one stellar quality that is unique among the DSP
> Ultralights produced so far-- the loopstick is of a plug-in variety, using a
> standard RCA phono plug. The owner can switch to an extremely sensitive 7.5"
> Amidon loopstick within a couple of seconds, without doing any "surgery" to
> the radio at all.
> Today the first Amidon 7.5" plug-in loopstick for the PL-360 was created
> here, and it transforms this modest radio into a extremely sensitive DX
> chaser, fully equal to the E100 Sliders, 7.5" loopstick PL-380's and other
> DXing sensations. Both sensitivity and nulling ability are the equal of any
> other modified Ultralight, and the fact that a user can obtain this massive AM
> sensitivity boost without any modification to the radio is very exciting.
> For domestic DXers who don't usually need 1 kHz DSP selectivity, this radio
> may become a dream machine.
> The stock 300 uh loopstick coil can easily be replaced with a plug-in
> design of the user's choice, and besides the 450 uh type 61 7.5" loopstick model
> shown, a medium-sized loopstick (on a different length of type 61 bar)
> will shortly be tested out here. The plug-in loopsticks may well make this
> model one of the most popular Ultralights for domestic DXers, and an ideal
> platform for loopstick experimentation.
> 73 and Good DX,
> Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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