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     In summary, the ICF-S5W is the most sensitive stock AM portable I have ever owned, and is certainly capable of providing great DX thrills even now, for those few DXers fortunate enough to find a model.
     73,  Gary DeBock 
 I agree with the caveat that the Radio Shack set (why did that set get away...don't even know what I did with it) was out of my hands before I got the ICF-S5W in 1980 (still enjoy this exceptional set...). I remember that I got Radio Paradise from I believe Antigua in the Caribbean from Duluth, MN on 1265 KHz in 1976 or so. Is that station even on? It would be fun to have the 2 sets together for head to head daytime testing. I did have a 2010, and the ICF-S5W smoked the 2010 head to head daytime. A RadioWest shotgun loop on the 2010 brought it about even with the S5W! (That loop deteriorated long ago with lots of use!) I would GUESS that the S5W would top the Shack's effort. The PR-D5 has a similar amount of native sensitivity, but is not as selective, and has issues in an urban setting with a am dial filled with locals.

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