Final Day in Kenai


Hi all:

I had about an hour, well before LSR, to get in some final DXing in Kenai
before heading out. While it was warmer and drier, the DX was definitely
not as good as the first two days. VOA on 1575 was almost listenable on
the barefoot Eton e100, and HLAZ-1566 was blaring in as usual, but going
any lower showed that only the powerhouse Japanese on 828, 774, 693, 594
etc. were in. Also, it was still early enough in the morning that the
domestic stations from the lower 48 were still making the band rather

As Gary said in an earlier post, the better the DX, the longer one will
stay at the receiver despite the weather. It was perhaps coincidental
that I had to catch a plane this morning, as I would not have persevered
much longer anyway.

In all, my first true TP DXpedition was a fabulous introduction to what
greets those who follow the well-worn path to Grayland and other sites,
especially my first couple mornings when Asiatics were on every channel.
I may be asking my boss if there are any more trips to be made to

73 - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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