Georgia and South Carolina coast ulr dx sessions,part 2

Carl DeWhitt

This session was from the Isle of Palms,S.C. near Charleston.
740 CFNZ Canada,Toronto AM 740 & psa for a Toronto event.2015-2018 EDT.fair.E-100 barefoot.
630 Radio Progresso Cuba 2054-2058 EDT.poor//640 which was good.E-100 with SAT.
620 Radio Rebelde Cuba 2058-2102 EDT fair// 670 which was stronger.E-100 with with SAT.
610 Radio Rebelde Cuba 2102-2105 EDT//620,670.poor-fair.E-100 with SAT.
600 Radio Rebelde Cuba 2106-2109 EDT. fair -good.//670,620,& 610.E-100 with SAT.
570 Radio Reloj Cuba 2113-2114 EDT. voice and cw i.d.s .fair. E-100 with SAT.
560 Radio Rebelde 2118-2119 EDT .//600 and others.fair.E-100 with SAT.
550 Radio Rebelde 2120-2122 EDT //560 & others.poor.E-100 with SAT.
526 ZLS Stella Mars,Bahamas 2129-2130 i.d.s poor.E-100 with SAT.
770 Radio Rebelde Cuba 2155-2158 EDT //600.poor.E-100 with SAT.
790 Radio Reloj Cuba.2204-2205 EDT.very poor-poor. E-100 with SAT.
860 CJBC Canada ,Toronto .FF talk with mention of Montreal.fair.E-100 with AN -200.
860 Radio Reloj Cuba .2202 EDT.poor.E-100 with AN-200.
870 Radio Reloj. Cuba.2302-2303 EDT. fair.E-100 barefoot.
900 Radio Progresso Cuba.2346-2352 EDT.//weaker 640.good.E-100 barefoot.1st time heard on this frequency.
910 Radio Cadena Agramonte . Cuba.2356-0004 EDT.i.d. and Cuban national anthen. very poor-poor.E-100 with AN-200.1st time heard.
930 Radio Reloj Cuba 0024 EDT. very poor-poor. E-100 with AN-200.
960 Radio Reloj Cuba.0005 EDT. very poor.E-100 with AN-200 .
1060 Radio 26 Cuba .0024-0035 EDT."Esta es Radio Viente Seis...Cuba" poor-fair.E-100 barefoot.1st time heard.
all loggings on this trip were with the E-100 and either barefoot,with the SAT or AN-200.
Next the conclusion from Litchfield Beach,S.C.,part 3 and a summary.

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