Re: New York Yankees on 980kHz

trainrhd <trainrhd@...>

This was very definitely WSUB 980 in Groton CT as I tuned by them
yesterday and they had Yankees baseball. I am about 4 miles from the
transmitter in SE CT and was very surprised that they were carrying this
given they are a Latino station. The local newspaper also has them
listed for today's game.


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For the past hour I've been chasing down an odd signal on 980. As of
1735EDT its still there. The Yankees Radio Network is broadcasting on
980kHz. A look-up of the listing at WCBS indicates no stations on 970,
980, or 990. Couldn't get a call sign at 1700 EDT. The best guesses I
have are WOFX Troy, NY (which supposedly does Mets b'casts) and WSUB
Groton CT. The raio orientation matches these two. Could someone check
into this in the NY-CT area?


Paul S. in CT

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