Re: New York Yankees on 980kHz


I didn't hear a clear ID for WTEM, but many ESPN ID's. So it is likely that's what I heard, but I wouldn't log something like that.Sometimes WOFX would drift in over the signal even with the 'radio' pointed about 90 degrees away, but they gave plenty of Fox Sports ID's, and that's what I think I saw on line for them as well.

At 9:38 I started hearing Art Bell a few degrees off the live game coverage, perhaps farther inland than WTEM, but both the 310 and 600 have enough antenna directivity [?] to favor one over another just a few degrees apart. I looked for something I could shield the side of the radio with. With these hugely directional radios, it should help. When I have used the terk or sat, they are not so directional, and cannot choose between signals that close in direction, AND on the same frequency, but I could try that again. I had to get away from my radio/computer room, since the CRT monitors and computer are it the SW corner of the room, and caused too much noise.


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1. WTEM is listed as a broadcast affiliate for the Baltimore Orioles.

2. MLB does not allow stations to broadcast games over the Internet so
that they can get people to subscribe to the MLB Internet games package.

3. Most stations would just stop their Internet feed for the duration of
the game, but WTEM is an ESPN affiliate so they are probably feeding the
standard ESPN programming over the Internet.


farmerik wrote:

The oldies are still fading in and out with coverage of a live game.
WTEM would make sense, but on line they are talking about Tiger Woods.

Could live game coverage be blocked on line? I can't make out much
from the game they are 'live' broadcasting now, but I'll keep trying.

The Albany NY station WOFX is coming in strong, from WNW, sports talk,
not a live game.


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