Re: New York Yankees on 980kHz

ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

I will also add that by the time the first response was generated at 755PM EST, the Yankees game was over. The best I can conclude is that maybe WOFX carried the game, even thought there are numerous indications that they don't.

Paul S. in CT ( a good thing I cancelled the first response, Jim responded with items I would have posted)

--- In ultralightdx@..., Jim <va3jno@...> wrote:

1. WTEM is listed as a broadcast affiliate for the Baltimore Orioles.

2. MLB does not allow stations to broadcast games over the Internet so
that they can get people to subscribe to the MLB Internet games package.

3. Most stations would just stop their Internet feed for the duration of
the game, but WTEM is an ESPN affiliate so they are probably feeding the
standard ESPN programming over the Internet.


farmerik wrote:

The oldies are still fading in and out with coverage of a live game.
WTEM would make sense, but on line they are talking about Tiger Woods.

Could live game coverage be blocked on line? I can't make out much
from the game they are 'live' broadcasting now, but I'll keep trying.

The Albany NY station WOFX is coming in strong, from WNW, sports talk,
not a live game.


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