Re: New York Yankees on 980kHz


The oldies are still fading in and out with coverage of a live game. WTEM would make sense, but on line they are talking about Tiger Woods.

Could live game coverage be blocked on line? I can't make out much from the game they are 'live' broadcasting now, but I'll keep trying.

The Albany NY station WOFX is coming in strong, from WNW, sports talk, not a live game.


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A thought occurred to me that Farmeric would have to adjust the set more E-W... definately WNW to ESE from his location to mimic my conditions.

Paul S. in CT

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Thanks for the info on WCAP, by adjusting the set during the Original listening period (1640-1740 EDT) I did find oldies when directed NE/SW after 1700 EDT (not logged until confirmed).

I can rule out WSUB, and quite possibly the Baltimore game Farmeric heard was on WTEM from DC. Best I can do so far.

Paul S. in CT thanks all

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WCAP Lowel MA is running oldies now, and would fit.

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Thanks .
I tried the PL-600 and the PL-310, and the 600 has less backround noise. Both agree the signal is just west of due south, or just east of due north, from here in Northeast CT. Groton CT would be a bit east of due south, not west.
As I was listening, a stronger 60's oldies station covered the sports coverage, but it still fades in sometimes. Both signals are on the same axis, but of course could be 180 degrees apart. - FARMERIK

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